Safe-T-Stop Brake Testing



You never know when you will need to stop in a hurry.

Most of drivers today trust that our modern car brakes will work effectively when needed, and usually rely on regular car service inspections to check that vital components like brakes, suspension are in good working order.

Every car service will ‘check’ your brakes, but not all workshops can actually “test” your brakes. Platetronic Safe-T-Stop inspection equipment at Kambah Car Care provides an added inspection that goes beyond a basic check and road test to scientifically test your braking capacity and ensure maximum stopping performance, along with an in-depth suspension, alignment and electronic tyre wear check. Our accurate measurements not only add to your car safety, but can save you money, increase your tyre life and fuel efficiency. Having your wheels correctly aligned ensures your car tyres touch the road accurately with even load on all wheels, reducing the wear and tear on your tyres which means you don’t have to replace them as often. Safe-T-Stop also tests your wheel alignment on both front and rear axles and the actual drag from your tyres on the road surface. Call Kambah Car Care now or book a service online!

Platetronic Safe T Stop inspection at Kambah Car Care workshop

Specialist Braking & Suspension Testing in Kambah.

Does your car rock and roll when you corner? Not stopping the way it used to? A Safe-T-Stop test will soon have your braking back on track.

Your car’s braking and suspension play an important role in making sure that your car stops quickly and safely. Here at Kambah Car Care in Kambah we take your safety very seriously. This is why we have invested in a state of the art Safe-T-Stop testing machine and we are an approved Safe-T-Stop Testing Centre.

Are My Brakes Safe?

You can trust a Safe-T-Stop test with your family's safety. It provides an added check that goes well beyond a basic inspection and road test to scientifically test your braking capacity and ensure maximum stopping performance.

A Safe-T-Stop test is carried out on the electronically accurate PlateTronic test equipment. Safe-T-Stop test lanes measure and simulate a vehicle’s brake performance in real-life conditions, exactly as it would happen in an emergency stop on the road!


Kambah Car Care Safe T Stop brake alignment suspension test

Why A Safe-T-Stop Test?

Along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vehicle will stop straight and in the shortest possible distance in an emergency, having your braking and suspension system in peak operating condition also saves you money by minimising tyre wear and drag which can increase petrol consumption.

A Safe-T-Stop check will give you a precise and detailed printed report that will enable the qualified technicians at Kambah Car Care to advise you on any critical adjustments that should be made.

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